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Toilet Repair

Much like pipe leaks, leaking toilets can waste litres of water a day. Most common are leaking cisterns, which more often than not can be repaired by simply replacing the inlet valve and outlet washer. Also leaking pans, mini stops and flexi hoses, and broken or sticking flush buttons are common issues. 

If you’re unsure, generally you can hear a leaking toilet if it’s not a visible leak. Sometimes it’s more cost effective for toilet cisterns to be replaced rather than repaired, and our experienced plumbers can give you a quote for a suitable replacement.

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Toilet Installation

Whether you need a replacement or just want an upgrade, we have a wide range of toilets to suit you. 

While you may find a bargain at your local hardware store, keep in mind that buying a fixture from us provides peace of mind with excellent manufacturer fault warranties on the products we supply. 

You may not receive such service or guarantees from stores selling at bargain bin prices.


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Watson Services offers all of your plumbing needs in one local, reliable and honest tradesman with over 10 years experience in the plumbing and construction industries.

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About Watson Services WA

Jake & Caroline Watson relocated from Hobart to Mandurah in 2012. We both worked the FIFO lifestyle until we decided that we wanted to work closer to home. 

As we both come from business-owner families, it had always been in the back of our mind to create our own small business.

So, with the birth of our first son (Gus) in 2014, Watson Services WA was established. As we had moved from over east and knew no one in Mandurah, establishing a client base with no industry contacts proved difficult. 

For the first few months we felt that it was really make or break, but now,  two brothers (Ned & Hank) later – we are still going strong!

We genuinely enjoy making great relationships with our customers. Our customer service is the biggest focus in our business and we want you to be happy with the end result. 

We offer competitive, fair prices with no compromise in quality. We fully guarantee all of our work.

We appreciate you supporting local small business – without the continued support of the Mandurah community we would not be operating.

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