Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems


Not everyone loves a cold shower, and you don’t have to suffer one if you give us a call! We’ll attend all emergency hot water issues on the day. From gas instantaneous to electric storage, the guys at Watson Services are experts in hot water system repair, supply and installation. We’ll happily take into consideration all of your needs no matter how simple or complex your hot water requirements may be, and produce a free quote for a suitable system. By using us you can rest assured that your hot water system will be adhering to every Australian standard, ensuring quality workmanship and the safety of you and your loved ones.

Have you noticed any changes in your hot water?
– No hot water at all?
– Pilot light not working?
– Hot water not hot enough?
– Hot water unit leaking?
– Noisy pipes?

We might find that any of these issues are caused by a small problem and your hot water system can be be quickly and efficiently fixed by one of our experienced plumbers. A hot water unit that is regularly serviced and repaired will serve you for years and correct maintenance can help avoid unnecessary replacement costs.

When installation or replacement is required, we have a wide range of hot water systems to suit your needs. Have a chat with us about your options. We may be able to suggest a system that’s more efficient and that you haven’t considered before.

Popular Electric Hot Water Systems include

  •  Electric storage: designed to heat the water in an insulated tank using an electric element.
  •  Solar electric boosted systems: Using the sun’s energy to heat the water, these are cheaper to run and great for sunny climates.

Popular Gas Hot Water Systems heat the water and store it for immediate use.

  • Continuous Flow Hot Water Units are much smaller in size than storage units, and heat the water as it flows through coiled pipe supplying constant hot water that doesn’t run out. Regardless of which unit you choose, these units are often used every day so regular servicing can extend the life of your hot water unit and pick up faults before they become expensive issues.

While hot water is a standard part of any household in Australia, it doesn’t come without some risks. Did you know that water at 60°C takes 1 second to cause third degree burns? This time is extended at 55°C to 10 seconds, and at 50°C it takes 5 minutes for hot water to cause a third degree burn. To protect people, particularly vulnerable people like children and the elderly, plumbers are required by law to install tempering valves on all new hot water system installations. We provide nothing but the best in terms of quality and safety here at Watson Services, and we do not cut corners for any reason. It’s simply not worth our license, or your safety.



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