Toilet Installations & Repairs

Toilet Installations & Repairs

Toilet Installations & Repairs


Toilets are a necessity in all homes, but not all are the same. There are factors to consider such as size, style, quality and design, but also the fundamental plumbing can be different for each toilet. We can offer a wide range to suit your needs. Let our knowledgeable team help you with repairs or to pick and professionally install a suitable toilet system.

Toilet repairs

Much like pipe leaks, leaking toilets can waste litres of water a day. Most common are leaking cisterns, which more often than not can be repaired by simply replacing the inlet valve and outlet washer. Also leaking pans, mini stops and flexi hoses, and broken or sticking flush buttons are common issues. If you’re unsure, generally you can hear a leaking toilet if it’s not a visible leak. Sometimes it’s more cost effective for toilet cisterns to be replaced rather than repaired, and our experienced plumbers can give you a quote for a suitable replacement.

Blockages in the Pan

We often come across foreign objects blocking the toilet. The main culprits are those little plastic toilet cleaners that clip on to the side of the bowl, and a close second, your kiddo’s experiment to see what toys or objects will (or won’t!) flush down the toilet.

Cracked pans

Accidents or wear and tear over time can cause the pan, or base, of your toilet to crack. Leaks can form, causing dangerous instability, so we suggest you give us a call as soon as you notice any changes.

Damaged or Moving Toilet Seats

A toilet is used multiple times every day in most households so it’s no surprise when the seat starts to give. We have plenty of choices to get you comfortable again.

Unusually Smelly Toilets

This can indicate that the rubber seals inside your toilet connecting the pan to the sewer system may have perished or moved, letting in the sewer stench. It can even let in sewerage and water, which is unhygienic to say the least. Our team of professional toilet experts can fix these issues or provide alternatives where needed.

Toilet Installation

Whether you need a replacement or just want an upgrade, we have a wide range of toilets to suit you. While you may find a bargain at your local hardware store, keep in mind that buying a fixture from us provides peace of mind with excellent manufacturer fault warranties on the products we supply. You may not receive such service or guarantees from stores selling at bargain bin prices.

Specialty toilets

Ambulant Toilets

We can accommodate many needs with a range of specifically designed toilets available to you.


Bidets are an increasingly popular bathroom feature with today’s technology allowing for supreme comfort, assistance and practicality. Give us a call to talk about your options!

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